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Stainless Steel Long Tube Equal Length LS1 Header Systems
You want the best long tube header? The longest long tube header on the market. The only equal length header. No clearance issues. The highest flowing header. 
High quality 304 Stainless Steel. Emissions style or race style.

QTP Headers Unleash The Power!
18 Horse Power Gain Over Other Long Tube Headers! Unleash the full potential of your LS1. The most powerful LS1 header available Gains are up 40 HP and 40 TQ.

Header Vs Header QTP Header Expensive Header Brand Budget Header Brand
Tubing Material 304Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel Carbon Mild Steel
Finish  High Polished Finsh Mill Finish Painted
Tubing Thickness 16 Gauge .065 14 Gauge .049 16 gauge .065
Header Flange 3/8" Stainless Steel 3/8" Plated Mild Steel 1/4" or 3/8" Mild Steel
Collector High Velocity Merge Collector Regular Collector w/Spike Regular Collector No Spike
Power Gains The Best Better Good

Turbulence Spike added for ultimate scavenging

Header flanges are matched LS1 ports

High Velocity Merge Collectors

The name of quality and performance

Why High Velocity Merge Collectors?
The construction of a merge collector is such that the change in area at the primary tube to collector transition point is minimized. This gradual transition allows the exhaust gas to maintain as much velocity as possible. Maintaining gas velocity is the key to allowing the exhaust system to reach its efficiency potential. Merge collectors significantly improve the efficiency of the exhaust system. If you need that last little edge and are willing to do the testing required to realize the potential gains, merge collectors are one of the most economical ways to gain significant amounts of torque and horsepower in the entire engine combination.

All LS1 F Body Headers are made with the High Velocity Merge Collectors now!
Great Power Great Price!

  LS1 Headers Price Buy
1 3/4" 1998-1999 High Velocity Collector with EGR & Air Fittings $825.00 Click to Purchase
1 3/4" 2000 High Velocity Collector with EGR & Air Fittings $825.00 Click to Purchase
1 3/4" 2001-2002 High Velocity Collector with Air Fittings $825.00 Click to Purchase
1 3/4" 1998-2002 High Velocity Collector Race Style No EGR Or Air Fittings $750.00 Click to Purchase
*All headers have O2 bungs and require O2 extensions. For any Tech questions fell free to call us at 201-444-0998
LS1 Y Pipes
Piping Merges to a 3"- 4" Flowmaster Y Collector Reduced Down to 3" to Fit 3", 3.5" or 4" Catbacks. All of our Y Pipes are built with the Flowmaster Scavenger Series "Y" Collector. Why make quality header and then just slap together a y pipe. Unlike other systems that slams the two pipes together ours uses the Flowmaster Y Collector help the exhaust pulses flow without any loss of velocity.
Off Road Y Pipe Cat Y Pipe
   QTP LS1 Y PIPES Price Buy
3" Off Road Y Pipe $335.00 Click to Purchase
3" Off Road Cat Y Pipe $525.00 Click to Purchase
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