Q: What is a QTEC?
A: QTEC stands for Quick Time Electric Cutout. The QTEC is an electrically controlled valve that bolts to a standard cutout flange. The valve can be opened and closed from inside the car. The valve controls the volume and adjusts the exhaust flow. The ultimate exhaust system!
Q: How does the QTEC work?
A: The QTEC is an aircraft aluminum body that has a butterfly plate inside it. The butterfly is powered by a heavy duty high torque gear motor which is controlled by a momentary toggle switch.  Hold the switch in the open or closed position to your desired opening.  From closed to wide open and any degree in between. You control the settings. It takes approximately 4-5 seconds from the closed position to reach to the open position.
Q: Do I have to run the cutout wide open when I open it?
A: Not at all, you control as much volume from the cutout as you like. You have total control over this using the supplied momentary toggle switch or one of our other optional controllers. Just want a little bit louder? Give the switch a quick tap down. A little more? another tap... and so on.
Q: What does the QTEC fit?
A: The QTEC fits any standard 3 bolt exhaust flange. You can order your QTEC with one of our Stainless Steel Y-Pipes or most other aftermarket cutout pipes such as Flowtech®, Hooker®, Hedman®, Summit®, Jegs® and any custom fabricated cutout will work as well.
Q: What kind of gains are expected on my car?
A: Each car differs on the horsepower/torque gain. It all depends on your car and what modifications you have. You can gain as little as 5 horsepower on a car that already has a high flow exhaust system to a car that needs no back pressure and gain as much as 30-50hp. It all depends on your car. But it is a guarantee that you will get all the volume you want!
Q:Is the QTEC legal?
A: The QTEC and any standard cutout are only legal for off road use. If it closed on the street it is legal. Check your city and state laws for more in depth answers.
Q: How does the QTEC compare to others on the market?
A: The QTEC is made of the highest quality parts that are custom built for the unit. Heavy duty motor, weather tight connectors, high quality metals and CNC machined.  We are Innovators of the Electric Exhaust Cutout. We are not a part time, hobbyist operation. Your valve is made in the USA (Midland Park, NJ to be exact) in one of our two production facilities. We are a full time company and dedicated to our exhaust product lines. It's all we do. Do not be fooled with knock offs that are made overseas and others making outrageous warranty promises they have no intention of keeping. There is only one Electric Cutout, The QTEC!!!

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